FREE Lifetime access to a website builder with included hosting and much more...and amazing affiliate marketing opportunity

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Jun 27, 2020
Hare Krishna dear devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I have been receiving a lot of kind words of gratitude from many devotees who has attended 5-Day free online marketing training and I hope that some of them will be able to use it to peacefully provide for their life and service in Sri Mayapur Dham.

I promised many of them to share a product that is worth promoting and that can yield great affiliate commissions.

There is an amazing product that I use myself and it combines it itself the power of many separate applications:

Website Builder with free dedicated hosting
Funnel Builder
Video Hosting
Online Course Hosting
Email Marketing
Appointment Calendar
And much more

You can use it for literally every possible online application, starting from hosting free website for your preaching project, hosting courses to an elaborate online setup for your business.

Now they are offering a FREE lifetime deal for their basic package and you can get it here

They also have full software suite for one-off lifetime fee that will significantly go up in price from July 1st.

But what might be interesting is that irrespective of wether you will use it or not - it is a product that literally any business would have to have and they are already paying high monthly subscriptions for some other scattered solutions out there.

Having everything under one roof for a one-off price is a no-brainer for many and that is why this project is growing and selling like anything.

So it would be a perfect affiliate product to promote using your newly acquired marketing skills. (those who haven't attended the training but would like to do so in a future, next one will be on 27th of July and I will send the invitation, once it is ready)

The company offers 20% commissions for every sale for anyone on a free plan and 40% commissions for anyone who bought the product.

And the best part is that you don't even need to sell anything. All you do is to understand the product and distribute it for free. Once somebody upgrades to a full fledged product - you will automatically receive the commissions.

I just woke up the other day with an email notification of having received $558.80 is a commission. The funny part is that I don't even know who was the person who decided to upgrade.

But believe me, many would - as did I, because I have literally stoped paying almost $300 a month for other monthly subscriptions that I needed to run my online business.

Again, it's not MLM. There is no unlimited chain of money receivers. Affiliate marketing is a very popular and ethical scheme to organically promote almost any online product or service.

Anyway, I know that for many of you who struggles financially it would be literally a life saving opportunity and so I am happy to share.

For those of you, who will sigh up for a free offer, I'll send an email with elaborate explanation of what are the future financial opportunities are. And you don't need to spend a dime to start making some decent income.

Hope it will be of some service to some of you!

Your servant,
Doyal Gauranga das

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