artificial meat in mayapur

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Jun 27, 2020
Hare Krisna.

Dandavat Pranam to all the devotees, all the glories to Srila Prabhupada. Jay Mayapur Dhama.

We are the twins Radhika and Vrinda. We are 19 years old and have been living in Mayapur for 5 years.

Recently, when we went into a shop, we saw something that disturbed us so we decided to share our thoughts with all the devotees .When we entered the store, we saw on the refrigerator window an image advertising vegan meat made of seitan. This left us perplexed because in 5 years these products were never in Mayapur. Especially food products called meat but it is not actually meat and nonetheless has to be offered to Krsna. Seeing the image brought to mind that repulsive sensation we have at the sight and smell of the meat that butchers departments sell in the supermarkets of our country, of how much the image looks like real meat. In fact, the advertisement of the image of vegan meat is not even a product cooked by devotees, but by a quick web search revealed that the photo on the ad was downloaded from the internet that represents a meatball of cow meat garnished with rosemary.

Is it not a disturbing and macabre thing to have this type of advertising in the Holy Dham?. Will this advertisement remind us of Mahaprabhu while he is taking prasada with his associates? Or will it instead remind us of those typical Sunday beer garden barbecues held with family and friends?

Oh, oh. I am Satan. Make me seitan, so i can penetrate the minds of the devotees!.

Our opinion is that if there are devotees who need to taste the traditional dishes of their country that need to be resemble like meat, then they can cook these recipes at home without divulging and igniting memories and material desires among the devotees. This is not a question of being fanatical but it is a matter of protecting and keeping intact, as it was, the Krsna consciousness movement that Srila Svami Prabhupada went through so much effort and dedication to bestow us. When Prabhupada went to the west, he gave us multiple, delicious vegetarian prasada recipes. And why did he give us prasada and not vegan meat?. Because prasada purifies us from material samskaras of our previous lives and vegan meat or other vegan or vegetarian foodstuffs might be cruelty free, but when they are intentionally formed and advertised to resemble meat, these products can still serve to entangle us even if we live in the Dham.

In the
Bhagavad gita 3. 13, it is stated

yajña-śhiṣhṭāśhinaḥ saint muchyante sarva-kilbiṣhaiḥ

bhuñjate te tvaghaṁ pāpā ye pachantyātma-kāraṇā

The devotees of the Lord are released from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice. Others, who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment, verily eat only sin.

Srila Prabhupada and the Vaisnavas have told us what Mahaprabhu and Radha Krsna eat daily. We cannot imagine that they are willing to take the vegan meat. As devotees, we should eat only what Krsna likes to eat and not to reduce Krsna as an object of our service obliging him to accept offerings which contain the product of our contaminated minds. This is exceedingly true if that something is labelled or presented as meat.

The prayers that we recite before taking prasada include


śarīra abidyā-jāl, joḍendriya tāhe kāl,

jīve phele viṣaya-sāgore

tā'ra madhye jihwā ati, lobhamoy sudurmati,

tā'ke jetā kaṭhina saḿsāre


kṛṣṇa baro doyāmoy, koribāre jihwā jay,

swa-prasād-anna dilo bhāi

sei annāmṛta pāo, rādhā-kṛṣṇa-guṇa gāo,

presses ḍāko caitanya-nitāi

1) O brothers! This material body is a network of ignorance, and the senses are one's deadly enemies, for they throw the soul into the ocean of material sense enjoyment. Among the senses, the tongue is the most voracious and verily wicked; it is very difficult to conquer the tongue in this world.

2) O brothers! Lord Krsna is very merciful-just to control the tongue He has given us the remnants of His own food! Now please eat these nectarean grains while singing the glories of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha and Krsna, and in love call out "Caitanya! Nitai!"

It would be fitting if the whole community of the devotees would appreciate the sacrifice made by Srila Prabhupada disciples, who tried to pass onto us a virtuous Krisna consciousness movement as free as possible of objects that remind us of Maya and the material world.

We don’t think that our opinion is at all fanatical. If devotees will continue to allow the access to anything in the Dham, we would not be surprised if one day we will have a satvika disco and pub near our house.

We are just young members of the movement, and we wish that the Vaisnava community would bestow mercy on us by taking in consideration our words.

Your servants Radhika dasi and Vrinda dasi.